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Volume 14, Issue 05

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Dr. Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez

Member of the National System of Researchers of Mexico. Research professor at University Center for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara. Visiting professor at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Visiting Scholar, University of California-Berkeley, Professor PhD in managerial and organizational Sciences at Universidad Lasalle and Universidad Cristobal Colon. Professor of PhD programs at Universidad Autonoma de Durango and Universidad de Durango. Profesor Universidad Vizacaya de las Americas. Professor Universidad de Colima. Adviser of PhD programs at Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes.

      PhD in Public Administration (Columbia University), PhD in Economics (Keele University, England). Other studies in PhD in Organisational Behaviour (Lancaster University). Master of Business Administration in Industrial Management (Pacific States University). Marketing Certificate (The British Institute of Marketing). Diploma in Philosophy (Universidad Panamericana). Bachelor in Commercial Relations, Instituto Politecnico Nacional. Studies of Bachelor in Law, UNAM.

      He has participated in more than 200 international academic events and in more than 500 national events. Published four books and more than 200 papers in international journals and reviews (some translated to English, French, German, Portuguese, Farsi, Chinese, etc.) and more than 300 essays in national journals and reviews. Obtained Best Paper certificate. 2015. TJPRC Journals Best Paper. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and research. Trans Stellar. Award III BMAC Luca Pacioli, Istanbul, 2013. Achievement Certificate. 2012. United States. International Business Student Collaboration Project. University of North Carolina, AGBA Distinguished Scholar. 2011. China. Academy for Global Business Advancement. An Award conferred at 8th World Congress held at Dongbei University of Finance and economics (Dalian, China). 2010-2011 Emerald/EMRBI Business Research Award for Emerging Researchers Highly Commended. 2011. Grecia. Euromed Research Business Institute - Emerald del Best paper Award 2010 de Academic Business World International Conference2010. En 2009 obtuvo el reconocimiento Best Paper Award de Global Strategic Management, Inc., Washington, D.C. En 2007 el reconocimiento de la Academia de Ciencias Administrativas por el mejor trabajo de investigacion en Administracion Estrategica. En 2004 el Premio Internacional de Global Business and Economic Development, y en 2002 el premio Allies Academies nominado por la International Business Academy. Other awards: Sommer al merito academico, British Council Award, Ford Foundation Award, Pacific States University Award.

Registered independent external consultant




Ph.D, M.Sc-IT, M.L.I.S.,

Dr. R. Guruprasad research work and documentation are available with this link

Scientist, Knowledge and Technology Management Division (KTMD), National Aerospace Laboratories - since July 1987.

      24 Years of Professional IT Experience in digital content management, information management, information dissemination, data-mining, high-quality technical documentation, technical writing and showcasing NAL's R&D technologies using multimedia applications. Good information scientist for well over two decades with noted professional achievements. Working experience spans the areas of information management, information processing, information dissemination and most importantly digital content creation and management. As a team lead, multimedia have been responsible in delivering broadcast quality Aerospace R&D multimedia presentations to a wide-variety of scientific audience. Almost 4 years of technical writing experience covering an important national civil aircraft development project. In a nutshell, the experience covers the broad areas of IT Management, IT Development, IT Logistics and IT Deployment.

      Dr. R. Guruprasad has authored two international Books published by
(i) M/s VDM Verlag, Dr. Muller, Germany and
(ii) M/s LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. Printed in USA and UK, these books have reached global markets to 30 different places across the globe widely marketed through www.amazon.com

(a) Electronic Information Resources Use Patterns of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists
(b) Web Log Analysis of e-Journal Download Patterns of CSIR-NAL Scientists, Engineers and Technologists
(c) Aerospace Digital Content Management
(d) IT Infrastructure Development
(e) Digital Video Management, Archival and Scientific Heritage Preservation using innovative MetaData Methodologies and Web Application Packages.
(f) Video Compression Algorithms for the Web
(g) Member of several technical committees